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Meet Our Providers

Dr. Katherine Elder


PhD, Licensed Psychologist, LPCMH

Dr. Elder has practiced in the behavioral health field for 15 years, serving adults, couples, children, youth and their families. In the fall of 2023, Dr. Elder was admitted into the California Institute of Integral Sciences to complete her certification in psychedelic research and therapies. Areas of specialization include: depression, anxiety, co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, parent-child relationships, ADHD, severe behavioral challenges in children and issues related to teen development. She is certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as well as a Level 1 Trainer. Dr. Elder provides consultation to organizations and professional training in topics related to personalities, ethics, trauma, substance abuse and working with resistant clients. Dr. Elder has expertise in a variety evidenced-based practices, including training as an EMDR Therapist. She also provides psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery, court-ordered assessments such as child custody evaluations, and academic concerns. Dr. Elder is also trained as a parent coordinator for high conflict co-parenting cases. She can also assist with therapeutic reunification cases when there is an estranged parent-child relationship. Dr. Elder is a fitness and health enthusiast, loves children and her golden-doodle Charlie (our therapy dog). 

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Jim Elder



Jim has held a variety of clinical and administrative positions in both the private, public, and education sectors. He has been a trained practitioner in EMDR since 2017 and specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders. Jim has presented as a subject matter expert on numerous national platforms. As a private consultant, Jim was hired by Bermuda’s Department for National Drug Control to help address the island nation’s problems with drugs and crime. Additionally, he has worked with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Colorado Department of Corrections, Florida Department of Corrections, Delaware Guidance Services, Inc., Prevention of Child Abuse in Delaware, and the Delaware Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health. Areas of specialization include: treatment of substance use disorders, EMDR, re-entry focused community corrections programs and trainings, veterans' trauma and recovery. On weekends Jim enjoys surfing, swimming, and yoga.

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Mike Adkins


Integrative therapist, using a holistic and trauma-informed approach to improve overall well-being.

Areas of specialization: mindfulness practices, the mind-body connection, anxiety, depression, attention-deficit and compulsive disorders, and works primarily with adults to overcome adversity.

Joseph Anastasio


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, providing psycho-

therapeutic services

Areas of specialization:

EMDR, grief and bereavement, children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities,  alternatives to violence, restorative practices, mediation with couples & families, and issues facing the LBGTQ+ community.

Lauren Rosen


Lauren uses a collaborative and holistic approach to therapy, viewing the therapeutic process as a team effort. Utilizing techniques such as motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, CBT, strengths based therapy, and flexibility to find the best individualized approach.

Areas of specialization: survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, recovery from substance use, recently incarcerated, depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and CPTSD, adolescents/young adults going through life transitions, and families looking to strengthen their relationships with one another. Lauren works diligently to foster a safe and trusting environment to provide the best possible services to those she works with. She knows her clients are the experts in their own lives, she looks forward to sharing in that experience, and contrary to popular belief, she can only read your mind with your help! 

Ashley Barrett


Ashley has been working with children, adolescents, and their families for five years now in special education emotional support classrooms and providing in-home services for children with autism. Through a client-centered approach each session is shaped to fit the needs of the client through the use of CBT, mindfulness, and play therapy. Areas of specialization include: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Impulse Control, and Behavioral Disorders. Ashley is trained in PCIT therapy as well.

Anthony Bozzi


A Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Peer Specialist, and our Executive Administrator. Anthony will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs, where you are on your path to recovery, without any judgement.

Areas of specialization:

substance use counseling and recovery, individually or as a collaborative team with your family, comprehensive substance abuse evaluations (court ordered or for

personal reasons).

David Bunch


 A compassionate therapist who incorporates Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) techniques and Motivational Interviewing to early intervention.

Areas of specialization: 

working with children and adolescent who have been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Depression, school-based outpatient counseling with children K-12. David believes that our relationships with our emotions shapes our brains, our potential for success and the health of all our relationships.

Carita Carlyle


Licensed in DE & PA

Carita has 34 years of elementary school experience in addition to her mental health credentials. She also enjoys practicing yoga, meditation, and Reiki. 

Areas of specialization:

CBT, working with children & families, communication skills with couples, ADHD, anxiety, social, behavioral and avoidance issues, anger management, and navigation through the grieving process, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly referred to as "tapping."

Maria Castillo


Bi-lingual, holistic therapist with 30+ years experience.

Areas of specialization: anxiety, depression, PTSD, sexual abuse, partner violence, grief, and LGBTQ+ issues, client-centered approach. She weaves Reiki, meditation, and guided imagery into her sessions. Maria trained in Past Life Regression with Brian Weiss, MD.  She is very honored to have been a contributing author in Dr. Weiss' latest book "Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories."

Dr. Lawrence A. Brain


Licensed Psychiatrist

Dr. Brian has been practicing psychiatry for over forty years. He specializes in ADHD, ADD, mood disorders, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, forensics, and substance abuse. Dr. Brain's expertise includes adult psychiatry and extensive experience working with children and adolescents. While practicing in the Washington DC metropolitan area Dr. Brain was named a Washingtonian Magazine Award winner for being a Top Doctor of Psychiatry.  He is a recognized psychiatrist in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jennifer Costello


Jennifer enjoys helping adults with the challenges that arise as they seek their own identity and make their way through life stages. She also enjoys working with people in relationships and families. Areas of specialization: depression, grief, anxiety, communication, PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, relationship problems, self-esteem and more. Jenn believes the most important part of therapy is creating an atmosphere where her client feels unconditionally cared for, accepted without judgement, understood, and safe to share their innermost struggles. She commonly utilizes CBT and Rogerian principles, but is constantly learning about new techniques and theories.

Mattie Costill


Mattie has been working in the field since 2009 and has experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Areas of specialization include: adults, teens and families with experience in couples counseling, depression, anxiety, trauma and grief, stress management, navigating big life changes, and supervision.

Sheryl Bender


Sheryl has been working with children, adolescents, and their families in both Delaware and New Jersey for 35 years. Sheryl meets the client and their families where they are, providing support, encouraging necessary change, and instilling hope. Areas of specialization: mindfulness, Person-Centered Therapy.

Lindsay Daws


Lindsay has over 10 years of experience working in the behavior health field. Areas of specialization: serving adults, couples, children, youth and families, impulsive behavior and mood disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, adjustment issues, parent-child relationships, co-occurring disorders, as well as helping people achieve a healthy life style and setting goals for success.

Natalie Engh


Natalie's approach is strongly influenced by the therapist-client relationship, a cognitive-behavioral approach, and with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and self-care.

Areas of specialization: crisis intervention, complicated grief, parent education, loss and grief issues, parenting issues, life transitions, stress management, and addiction. She believes thoughts create our future and life is a journey of self discovery.

Chelsea Mota


Chelsea is an integrative therapist, utilizing a person centered and trauma informed lens to create treatment plans that are tailored to each individual and family’s needs.  Chelsea has experience working with adults, children, adolescents, and their families.  Areas of specialization: growth and development, ADHD and impulsivity, big life transitions, co-parenting, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Chelsea is a trained PCIT clinician and has a passion for working with parents of young children to develop strong parent child relationships and increase confidence in their abilities to support their children through behavioral challenges.  Chelsea is also a board-certified music therapist and enjoys using music to aid in the development of mindfulness practices and self-exploration. 

Dionne Purnell


Dionne has over 20 years of experience working in the early childhood field with children and their families. For the past 6 years, Dionne has worked in an intensive outpatient unit with children and families, as well as a crisis unit. Areas of specialization: compassionate, strength based, trauma-informed counseling while embracing ESFT and CBT. Dionne’s approach is warm, encouraging, collaborative, and without judgement. 

Dionne provides a listening ear while assisting you with finding the right tools for you on life’s journey.

Shaniqua Johnson-Pierce


Shaniqua takes great interest in utilizing the performing arts to support healing complex trauma. She enjoys providing counseling services to adults, children, couples, and families.

Areas of specialization: grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, outpatient substance abuse programs, a holistic approach to treatment that focuses on mindfulness, trauma informed care, and narrative therapy.

Paula Kovarcik


Paula, a board certified addiction counselor, enjoys working with clients of all ages. She has practiced meditation for over 10 years.

Areas of specialization:

grief, anxiety, depression and Bipolar disorder. When working with clients who struggle with addiction Paula believes in a baseline of guidance and support in their recovery. She has worked with children and teens diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, OCD, Autism spectrum disorder, learning difficulties, anxiety, and depression.

Dr. Lindsay Kurtz


Dr. Kurtz is a graduate from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Prior to returning to school for her doctorate, she worked as a school psychologist, which has provided her with extensive experience conducting psychoeducational assessments. She has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in school settings, private practice, and inpatient care facilities. She works hard to build therapeutic rapport with her clients and provide a relaxed and safe environment. She works with her clients to determine the best experience and treatment.

Brittany Malone


Brittany's goal is to work collaboratively with clients to address their specific needs and create a supportive environment for facilitating change. She utilizes a variety of evidence-based practices, including Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT). When I work with parents, whether they be expectant, new, grieving, or experienced, my goal is to create a safe space to process both the joys and stressors of parenthood in a nonjudgmental setting.  Area of specialization: Perinatal Mood Disorders, New Parents, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia, Coping Skills, Adjustment Issues, Life Transitions, Ages 13+

Marc Messner

LMSW, M. Ed.

Marc uses an integrated therapeutic approach when working with clients - using various theories in session, so that a unique intervention can be created. Marc's therapeutic style encompasses empathy, self-disclosure, compassion, and humor. Areas of specialization: substance use, and works with all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and couples. Marc enjoys kayaking, the outdoors, and spending time with family, friends, and rescued pets.

Dr. Lindsay Haston

PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Lindsay Haston is a licensed psychologist dedicated to helping others feel more comfortable being themselves. She looks to help clients in leading a more complete and meaningful life while also managing the pain that inevitably comes with it. Dr. Haston works with clients to explore mindfulness skills and unhook from painful or damaging thoughts. She is curious and bright, hoping to cultivate a genuine connection with her clients. Dr. Haston finds that humor and authenticity are crucial to a collaborative therapeutic relationship. She is thoughtful in her personal and professional life about systemic issues and the longstanding impact they have on individual’s mental and physical health. 

Carmen Price


Carmen's approach is integrative and holistic, working from a Trauma-Informed lens and drawing from CBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Attachment and Family Systems Theories while incorporating mindfulness and meditation.  She serves adults, youth, children, couples, families, and LGBTQ. Areas of specialization:

 mood disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, anger and stress management, substance use, co-occurring disorders, and grief.  Being client-centered,  each therapy session is directly tailored to that individual client, as she feels there is no “one size fits all” therapeutic model.

Dr. Kwanda N. Harris


Dr. Kwanda N. Harris has been providing trauma-informed, person-centered treatment for 13 years. Dr. Harris is dedicated to offering support to individuals who are marginalized due to experiences with psychosis, mood disorders/depression, anxiety/trauma/PTSD, grief/loss, compulsive sexual behaviors, and overwhelming life events. She is also passionate about destigmatizing mental health treatment within various communities. Dr. Harris' mission is to provide effective treatment to alleviate significant mental health symptoms, and to help identify the triggers of certain thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Pamela Rogers


Pam is a licensed clinical social worker with over thirty years of experience working in the field of mental health and addiction. She obtained her LCSW in 1994. Pam joined Delaware Psychological Services as a therapist in August of 2021 bringing her ability to provide a relaxed, professional environment to those she serves.  She incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness training to her clients.  Pam resides in Sussex County Delaware with her husband, dog and two cats and enjoys an active lifestyle.

John Byrne


John is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who began working in the field of Mental Health in 2010. He uses an integrated approach with a focus on dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, substance use issues, trauma, burnout and grief. He works with individuals, couples, and families and believes that a combination of evidenced-based clinical approaches and an empathetic therapeutic relationship is most effective when trying to cope with painful and unwanted thoughts and emotions. John graduated from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Services with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and Seton Hall University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

Meredith Golde


Meredith has worked with culturally diverse populations of all ages. Areas of specialization: trauma, abuse and neglect; parenting and caregiver issues; substance abuse and harm reduction; women’s issues and reproductive health; self-esteem; adjustment and coping with change and/or with chronic and terminal illness; anxiety, depression, mood and personality disorders; grief and bereavement. Her approach is integrative, multi-cultural, person-centered and strengths-based. Meredith uses CBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness/guided imagery, and practical solution-focused therapies. She honors the interconnection of mind-body-spirit within the context of each person’s unique situation, environment, and history.

Reba Rager


Reba has worked in the behavioral health field for over ten years. She believes in a person-centered approach to therapy and that everyone has a right to wellness. Reba has a passion for working with our geriatric population and assisting them with navigating the stress and anxiety that can come with the transitions of aging.  Areas of specialization: Anxiety, depression, bereavement and grief, caregiver burnout, chronic illness, self-esteem, and mindfulness

Jessica Wood


Jessica is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health (LPCMH) and National Board-Certified Counselor (NCC). She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies and a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Jessica has more than 5 years of experience working in various social service and mental health settings, including domestic violence crisis hotlines, homeless shelters, community mental health outreach, and office-based treatment. She enjoys working with teens and adults both in person and on teletherapy. Jessica approaches treatment from social justice and trauma-informed frameworks using holistic modalities such as mindfulness and EMDR. She believes that client empowerment and collaboration are important pieces in the journey to wellness.

Peter Musu

Psych NP


Peter is an Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Ellen Marshall


Dr. Ellen Marshall has been counseling under supervision for over 20 years and is counseling at DPS under the supervision of Dr. Katherine Elder for future licensure; working with both children and adults. Dr. Marshall is a Board-Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress specializing in trauma, PTSD, and cumulative trauma within emergency services such as police, firefighters, and EMT workers. Dr. Marshall is also a certified Victim Services Specialist and Domestic Violence Specialist who assists victims of crime with mental health concerns and navigating the criminal justice system. She is a published author on cumulative trauma and trains law enforcement agencies across the country including the FBI National Academy. Before coming to DPS, Dr. Marshall was a professor at local colleges and universities for over 20 years teaching counseling and criminal justice courses. In addition, she has career experience as an LEO in Delaware. Dr. Marshall uses an eclectic approach to counseling, utilizing the best approach for each client. Dr. Marshall will also use a Biblical approach to counseling if you wish to incorporate faith in your sessions. She believes you are the expert in your life, and approaches counseling as a ‘team’ effort offering support, empathy, education, and gentle guidance. Dr. Marshall loves baking and gardening and is partnered with her new therapy dog in training, Gypsy Rose (a small Shichon or “teddy bear” puppy).

Dawn Ploucher


Dawn's journey to becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) began with rigorous academic training. She graduated with distinction from Southern New Hampshire University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and subsequently completed a Master of Science in Psychiatric Mental Health from Frontier Nursing University. Driven by a profound desire to effect meaningful change, she has dedicated over 23 years to the nursing profession, focusing on the mental and emotional well-being of my patients.

Dawn's mission is to provide compassionate, comprehensive psychiatric care that not only addresses mental health issues but also empowers individuals on their path to mental wellness. She is committed to implementing evidence-based, holistic, gender-affirming, and person-centered practices in care. By treating the whole person—considering their symptoms, unique needs, preferences, and values— Dawn aims to foster an environment where each individual can feel secure and supported throughout their mental health journey. This holistic approach ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of care, tailored to their specific circumstances and aimed at achieving optimal health outcomes.


To The Rescue,

Therapy Dog

Luke is a rescue dog from the Delaware Humane Association. On work days, he wears his bow tie with pride, knowing that he has important work to do. Luke loves to greet everyone in the DPS waiting room - he can’t be tricked into “going to work” until he’s approached every single person he sees. Clients love his funny expressions and gentle nature. They enjoy giving him little massages and letting him rest a paw or his head on them as they talk.


Goldendoodle, Therapy Dog

Charlie enjoys working with all of our clients, but especially children and adolescents. He can often be found in Dr. Katie Elder's office, or will greet you at the door with a big wag of his tail. He loves meeting new people and understands his obligation of complete confidentiality. He is currently taking on new patients, with preference to those who give him treats.

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