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Health For Your Whole Family

Delaware Psychological Services is committed to serving the behavioral health needs of children, families and individuals. We take a multidisciplinary approach in our work with clients. Our team of experienced professionals come from the fields of psychiatry, social work, psychology, mental health, and addictions counseling, and work together to ensure client care is individually tailored to your unique needs.

"At Delaware Psychological Services, healing comes full circle. Their integrative approach to healing allows space for the mind, body, and spirit to become in sync."

Tele-therapy Consent

Please take necessary precautions of social distancing and connect with your provider(s) through our website. Below is our consent form for tele-therapy.

Teletherapy Consent

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FOR NEW PATIENTS: During the COVID-19 pandemic we are minimizing face-to-face office contact. Please complete the electronic "new patient intake" prior to your first appointment. 

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Support people through their mental health journey. Empower people to reach their fullest potential. Improve the quality of life for individuals and families. Make a difference in the local community. Set a standard of reliability and integrity. Build relationships. Dignity and respect for all.

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