"I have been a client of DPS for three years now.  On my first visit I was extremely nervous.  I had decided to make an appointment and be open about my issues.  During my first visit I was immediately put at ease.  Dr. Elder asked me a few questions about my intake form and then told me "there is no judgement here".  As soon as I heard that I unloaded years worth of issues and told her what I wanted to accomplish. The simple act of vocalizing my problems was very freeing.  Together we made a plan and slowly tackled those issues and many more over the past three years.  DPS not only has the best psychologists, social workers and clerical staff but they also have a doctor and nurse practitioner on staff that worked with my regular family practitioner when I needed pharmaceutical interventions.   I can honestly say I'm a better, calmer person with the therapy I've received from DPS.  Thank you for all you do and your never ending support." -Anonymous 

"At Delaware Psychological Services, healing comes full circle.  Their integrative approach to healing allows space for the mind, body, and spirit to become in sync.  Many thanks to Trey and the DPS team!"-Anonymous

"Having our child receive therapy services through Delaware Psychological Services has been a wonderful experience. Alisha has been very professional and shows great compassion to our daughter’s needs, helping her live a more happy and fulfilled life; we couldn’t be more pleased.” -Anonymous

"We arrived at Delaware Psychological Services upon recommendation from our son's school psychologist. As parents of a 13 year old with autism, we needed some help with behavioral issues at home. After just one intake session, Alisha was able to suggest and model strategies that we could implement at home. Our son feels comfortable talking with her, often offering much more communication during the appointment than we typically get from him at home. We leave sessions feeling lighter, supported and optimistic about the job we are doing as parents. At home, our son's behaviors have improved and we have a healthier relationship with him. Our insurance is accepted, appointments are always on time and the staff is superb." -Anonymous

" I wanted to say thanks for as Dr. Turley has been there for me all throughout the most difficult years. I remember when I started seeing Dr. Turley in 7th grade even before my mom passed away he helped me go through a lot and come out on top. Dr, Turley helped me realize that medicine could be helpful instead of harmful, and I seriously doubt I'd be who I am today without his help." -Anonymous

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