DPS Opioid Use START Initiative

The Delaware Psychological Services Substance Use Treatment and Recovery Transformation (START) Initiative is a project funded by the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services to combat the opioid use disorder.


The START Initiative has three key tasks:

  • Develop and maintain key partnerships with health systems, law enforcement, and first responders who regularly come into contact with individuals who have overdosed as a result of their substance use.

  • Through community partnerships, DPS will connect individuals to treatment within 72 hours of an overdose.

  • Offer community outreach to keep individuals engaged in treatment regularly and consistently.

The goal of the START Initiative is to reduce the number of overdoses by engaging individuals as early in their recovery process as possible

The primary focus of DPS is to help individuals achieve goals that help them to live meaningful and purposeful lives.  DPS believes all individuals and families deserve the right to kind and compassionate care.  The START Initiative helps DPS meet our goals by allowing us to assertively collaborate and engage individuals in treatment.

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