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"You Are Your Own Perfect"

On a daily basis we struggle to feel positive about ourselves, our contributions, our worthiness, and our beauty. In fact, we

struggle so much that within the same minute we can think we are beautiful and then degrade ourselves in the next second.

Nothing good comes of these negatives thoughts of ourselves. However, most of us believe this is just the way we are. This couldn't be further from the truth. Our mind is a powerful tool capable of changing its thoughts which influence our beliefs.

The quote "You Are Your Own Perfect" was given to me by a 14yo teen girl diagnosed with autism. She has the incredible ability to see her own perfection as an individual attribute. Her quote captures the subjective individuality of beauty and ignores the social standards surrounding us demanding us to conform.

Take a moment today (and tomorrow and the day after) to see how you are your own perfect. Once you see this, repeat it until you start to believe it. You are your own perfect.

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