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5 Strategies to Increase Life Satisfaction

Today I will provide 5 simple strategies to increase your life satisfaction! Who doesn't want a more satisfying life?!?! Well, here's the good news, you are in charge of that! Let's get started...

1.) Take Time to think about what would make your life more satisfying. Too many people express dissatisfaction but are often uncertain about what they DO WANT. Take the time and energy to welcome what you would like to see happen in your life.

2.) Change your Thoughts, Change your Life. That's right, its all in your head. If you change how you look at things you will have a fundamentally different experience. For instance, if you think traffic sucks then you will dread it and find yourself hating life every time you experience traffic. However, if you accept traffic is a necessary part of our developed country and think about traffic differently you will have a much more enjoyable drive. You can also seek opportunities to listen to an audio book, podcast or call a friend (hands free of course!) then you might really think about traffic different. Thoughts dictate our experience and again you are in charge of changing them.

3.) Have the Right Support Team. People's success depends on those around them. The most successful people in the world do not get there alone. If you are looking to increase your life satisfaction you can't do it with the negative nellies around you. This means you will have to adjust or delete these relationships in your world.

4.) Set OBTAINABLE Goals. I cannot stress the obtainable more. Goals that are too lofty or far from your receive will not result in success. Setting a goal to loose 2lbs of fat each week versus 12 pounds a month has a totally different feel and feasibility. Smaller and shorter term goals help with success and reinforcement of the changed behavior.

5.) HAVE FUN! You read it correctly, take some time to have fun to enjoy your life satisfaction. Sure, there are people who have too much fun and do not enough work, but I find people around me are driven to work, work, work. This will lead to burnout, anxiety, depression, and general dissatisfaction. Refuel but completing your favorite activity. I challenge each of you to write down 30 things that you have fun while doing. Next step, take the time to do some of those fun things.

Hope you found these ideas to be helpful reminders in how to live life to the fullest!

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