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Choosing a Quality Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

The road to recovery is challenging and lengthy -- often with multiple relapses. But, while it’s not 100% guaranteed, the journey can be less bumpy by finding a quality drug and alcohol treatment center for either yourself or a loved. Of course, this can be an overwhelming experience as well. But, if you use the following tips, your search can be a little smoother.

Determine your rehab goals and needs.

“Every rehab has different specialties,” writes Jefferey Juergens on “Even those rehabs with the same specialty will measure success differently and take different paths to get there.” Because of this, you need to find “a treatment facility that will be able to help you reach your rehab goals.” But, before going any further, “you have to know what your rehab goals are.”

To start, identify “which substances and/or behaviors you want to recover from.” Next, recognize if they are any underlying issues, such as dual diagnosis, you may want to “have treated at the same time.” After this, “figure out what success means to you. Is your initial goal to get through detox and remain sober for the first 30 days? Would six months of sobriety be a success? A year?”

During this process, just keep in mind that your goals can only be defined by you and your loved ones.

Get an assessment by a physician or other substance use disorder professional.

Even after determining your rehab goals and needs, don’t make a commitment until you’ve met with a doctor who is certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, a licensed clinical social worker or a psychiatrist who has experience in treating substance use disorder.

“Explore all options,” Mark Cardillo, program director of behavioral health and the detox unit at Tampa Community Hospital, told U.S. News. “Not everyone needs residential treatment; an intensive outpatient program or attendance at 12-step meetings might be the right fit for the patient. These approaches can be as successful as a stay in a 90-day residential treatment program.”

Inpatient treatment is usually recommended when a person is unable to get sober and it’s impacting their life negatively. It’s common to recommend a 30-day treatment program, but it can be extended if necessary.

Ask the right questions.

Next, to narrow down your options, you and your loved ones should conduct research to help you answer the following questions?

  • Are there programs specific to your needs?

  • Are the treatment models and therapy options a good fit for you?

  • How often is therapy provided

  • Does the treatment substitute one drug for another?

  • Is family participation encouraged?

  • What’s the staff-to-patient ratio? And, what are their credentials?

  • Is 24-hour assistance from licensed staff available?

  • Is the treatment covered by your insurance?

  • Does the program provide supplemental services, like meditation and nutritional support?

  • Where is the facility located?

  • How long has the facility been open? Remember, the longer the better.

  • What amenities are provided?

  • Does the facility offer outpatient therapy or aftercare?

Watch out for red flags.

Finally, to make sure that you find a quality treatment center, here the warning signs experts have told NBC News to keep a look out for:

  • Generic websites or advertisements that aren’t transparent about what programs are offered.

  • Whether the person you’re speaking with is receiving any referral fees.

  • The program is offering to pay for travel, insurance coverage, or “sober homes.”

  • Daily, or almost daily, lab tests that cost thousands of dollars.

  • The facility doesn’t ask for in-depth information regarding the patient.

Also, avoid rehabs that guarantee success. “That’s a lie,” says Howard Samuels, owner and chief executive officer of The Hills Treatment Center, an alcohol and drug treatment facility in Los Angeles. “It’s impossible to guarantee success for an alcoholic/addict. It’s up to the individual to follow the treatment plan once he or she leaves the center.”

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