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Comprehensive Consultation For Your Whole Organization 

Our goal is to assist behavioral health providers as well as state and local government agencies develop and implement services in the most efficient, evidence-based and cost effective way possible.  We leverage our decades of experience and wide range of skills to accurately assess the policy, practice, and organizational needs, to evaluate current operations, and to offer and implement recommendations for improvement.  We approach organizational consultation within a stages of change framework.  This framework allows us to work closely with clients to accurately assess organizational ability and need so that we provide appropriate and effective services aimed at helping an organization realize its fullest potential.

Senior Organizational Consultant 

Dorothy Dillard, PhD

Dr. Dorothy Dillard is our senior evaluation, organization and policy consultant.  Dr. Dillard has over 30 years experience researching and evaluating a wide range of social service programs.  She has served as co-principle investigator on National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) projects.  As an independent evaluator, she has assisted non-profit organizations and governmental agencies secure over $8 million to expand and improve treatment services.  As a researcher Dr. Dillard has assisted a variety of agencies in assessing and improving organizational function and effectiveness.  She has expertise in developing, assessing, and revising policies.  Her data and evidence based approach emphasizes integration, efficiency, effectiveness, and cost reduction.

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