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3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

We are in the thick of winter and many people are feeling a little low. Here are some general tips to beating the winter blues.

1. Bundle Up and Get Outside! Without natural sunlight people become deficient in Vitamin D and these symptoms can be very subtle. Besides the physical symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency it can create a low irritable mood. And if you have an aversion to feeling cold invest in a therapy lamp which can be used in the morning hours for a boost in mood.

2. Eat Right! People gravitate toward warm rich comfort food during winter months. Focus on nutrient rich foods to not only give your mind and body what it needs but to continue to feel good about yourself.

3. Exercise! Get that body moving. Exercise has a positive effect on serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine which in turn create a positive mood and beating the winter blues.

Disclaimer: This is written for general information only. Following and reading this blog does not indicate a client-therapist relationship. Please consult with a licensed professional if you need additional services

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