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12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For People With Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. But, that doesn’t make living with chronic stress or anxiety any easier. In fact, it can be a daily struggle for millions of people.

Thankfully, the holidays present a perfect time to help those struggling with anxiety or stress by giving them a mindful and thoughtful gift that can help them cope, such as the following twelve gift ideas.

1. Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks.

After working with people who suffer from anxiety for a decade, and being inspired by his own personal experiences, psychologist Barry McDonagh wrote Dare. In it, he shares his DARE technique that will help prevent panic attacks and anxious thoughts by asking what’s the worst that can happen?

It also comes with an app so that you can use the DARE response whenever you need it.

2. A weighted blanket.

Do you or someone you know have trouble sleeping? If so, a weighted blanket may be a simple solution.

Although more research has to be done, some have claimed that weighted blankets can calm restless minds since they essentially create a swaddling effect. Some research also reports that weighted blankets can soothe children with ADHD and autism

3. The Anxiety Journal.

Journaling is an effective way to release any stressful and anxious thoughts you have racing in your head by putting them onto paper. Research shows that besides being a way to express your thoughts, journaling can ease stress because it helps you regulate your emotions. Journaling can also encourage you to open up more about your feeling.

The Anxiety Journal by Corinne Sweet is more than a journal, however. It also comes with facts about anxiety and exercises and quotes to help you cope.

4. Coloring books and colored pencils.

No matter the age, coloring is a soothing activity that can calm your nerves. Yes, even for adults. Just don’t forget to include colored pencils or crayons.

5. Tea

This may seem like a boring gift. But, does anyone really despise tea? Besides, it’s an inexpensive gift that can be beneficial to one’s physical and mental well-being. For example, the brand Traditional Medicinals offers a wide variety of products including Cup of Calm, as well as those to assist with sleep and stomach issues.

6. An oil diffuser with essential oils.

Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, bergamot, frankincense, neroli, and geranium, are known to reduce anxiety. Besides, they can make your home or apartment smell incredible.

Make sure you get an oil diffuser first to make it easier to release these soothing aromas.

7. Subscription to a meditation app.

Apps like Calm and Headspace are excellent for anyone just starting out with meditation. These apps also offer different types of meditation for various areas like stress, anxiety, sleep, and focus.

8. A yoga mat.

Yoga can do wonders for you mentally and physically. It’s definitely a gift that can keep on giving!

Yoga mats are an inexpensive and mindful gift for anyone with anxiety or stress. For beginners, consider the CopyCat Yoga Instructional and Educational Yoga Mat. You may also want to pair this with an instructional book or gift card to a yoga class for anyone just starting out.

9. A gift card to a local spa.

A spa experience is a great way for someone to relax and escape reality temporarily. See if there are any deals on Groupon first though.

If there isn’t a spa in your proximity, or this isn’t’ within your budget, an alternative would be a relaxing bath set.

10. Mindfulness cards.

Mindfulness cards come with exercises and inspirational quotes that encourages people to become more mindful. They can even be used to bring us back to the present when our thoughts are spiraling out of control.

11. A worry monster.

For children who struggle with anxiety, this may be the perfect gift. While it’s a soft and cuddly toy, the idea behind a worry monster is simple. The child speaks or writes down their worries and the monster will eat them up.

Although it may be aimed for children, some adults may find having a worry monster of their own helpful as well.

12. A fidget cube or stress ball.

Fidget cubes and stress balls, like the Helect H1037 Fidget Cube and IMPRESA Stress Relief Balls, are suitable gifts for adults or children. These provide a distraction and can help calm anyone suffering from anxiety, stress, or even ADHA.

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